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Turning A Moronic Moment Into A Success

Pretty good one right here. Did a screen job on a Motorola Ace 5G. That’s a new model.

Motos are often pains in the butts to deal with. The ear speaker arrangement I’ve never liked on those because they tend to heavily adhere them to the frame and digging it out sometimes doesn’t work.

Yep, I blew it. Broke it. The lady wasn’t mad, I took care of it, but how I did it was neato torpedo. The actual ear speaker is hard to find, and the replacement I got that was supposed to be for it didn’t really work. Oh boy!

Well wait a minute! You know my cache of old parts and junkyard and so forth? Bingo. In a dusty drawer were these. They fit perfectly, but the prongs went in the wrong direction. No problem, just reshape in the correct direction. Not only did it work, they improved the audio. Richer and fuller sound than even the OEM ever was.

What were these? Old iPhone 4/4S speakers. What’s old is new.

That’s why I have all the crap laying around. Inevitably it comes in handy.

Maybe I’m pretty good at this after all?

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