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Water Damage Remediation

Water Damaged Phone

Water Damage Realities




A common claim regarding water damage is that it does not ruin your device. The truth is, yes it does.


Occassionally devices will work after water damage remediation, however we cannot guarantee for how long. We recommend replacement of the device ASAP. Data retrieval is the most realistic outcome in these situations


The Facts


  • Reviving a device with water damage is totally unpredictable. It all depends on what the liquid was, how long it was submerged, and how much actually got into the device.

  • If you have attempted to recharge the device after submersion, your device is likely deceased. We will not attempt to revive.

  • Water damage is generally a lengthy and complicated issue. Same day service is UNREALISTIC.


Pricing and Turnaround


If the device cannot be revived, there will be no charge for services.


Occassionally the device can be made operational with disassembly and thorough cleaning: $75


If the device requires further board level work, soldering, or additional parts to make it operational: $200


Turnaround time: 2-6 weeks

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