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Screen Repair on iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and Newer: What You Need to Know

Notes on screen repair for iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and newer.

These devices are a bit of an issue when it comes to proper display repair and I'll be honest; right now, having me do it is NOT the best option, not by a long shot. Let me explain what I have found to be the issue with these devices. Cost of parts and type of screen, it comes down to that.

For the record, Apple or any of its AASP stores charge $379 for these types of phones. That's a lot of money, so would it make sense to have an independent like CDC Cellular do it for less? I wish!! Unfortunately, right now that just isn't going to happen for a couple of reasons:

1. Apple went to 120 Hz refresh rate screens on these models. The 14 Pro Max has a compatible aftermarket screen available, but it's big bucks and at the end of the day will cost you the same as the AASP store. the 13 Pro and Pro Max have nothing available other than the refurbs.

2. The closest thing to the genuine Apple part I can get would be a refurbished original screen. Sounds good on paper but guess what? They cost around $375 a piece! Apple charges $379 to do it, so at the end of the day you'll pay way more to a shop like mine after tax and labor. So that alone doesn't make any sense right now.

3. Remember, Apple partially serializes their displays and have been doing so since the iPhone 11. When you replace the display with any other unit, aftermarket, refurbished, or even the genuine new one, you get an "unknown part" warning in settings. I do not agree with Apple doing this at all, however they are ultimately in charge and that's how it goes.

Now about that warning message. Does it affect functionality? No, it does not, but it is frustrating as a repair professional, I'll say that much. What I can say is that it's not really anything to worry about provided the repair is high quality and at a fair price. I do not feel, nor do you I'm sure, that paying as much or more for CDC to do the repair is a deal. I wouldn't pay that, and you shouldn't either, especially if there's a disclaimer in settings. Now if I could get it done for $199, that would be different, but at $379 and up? No way. You know me well enough to know that I would never try something like that. You're my treasured customers and respect is mandatory, no exceptions.

So, what are some solutions? There actually are some and even lowly me can be an option. You can certainly make an appointment with Apple or one of their AASPs and go that route. Nothing wrong with that. Or you could still have me as your tech with a bit of a weird process. What is that?

Google the term "Apple Self Service Repair". Yes, they will sell you the genuine parts and include a one-time connection to their servers to turn off the disclaimer and "pair" the new screen to your device. I have the proper tool to get the device open and safely install the new display. By my calculations, we could work together where you order the screen and hire me to do the install. At the end of the day the math would be the same as far as overall cost.

Before you ask, the answer is yes. I could order screens from the Self-Service store myself, so why am I saying you have to do it? Because Apple requires your proof of ownership in order to have access to their system to "pair" the screen. They won't grant me access because I don't own the phone. I'd pay the same as if I ordered a refurbished screen from my suppliers and have the same exact results. Clearly the people at Apple aren't stupid and have it set up this way. That's why you'd have to buy it and bring it in, and obviously they know most people would view that as less than desirable. But for the record we could do it this way and I'm fair game if you are.

But let's be honest here. To do this right, do not settle for Hard OLED or knock off LCD copies and pay more. My information is what you need to know. Simply put, either have the Apple people do it or have me do it via the Self-Service store. Anything else is not good enough right now. Maybe if the screens drop in price we can do it the aftermarket way, but for now do not settle. Your device is a top-notch one that you've paid good money for. You deserve the best.

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