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Shop Temporarily Closed: Healthcare Emergency

I regretfully must inform everyone that effective immediately CDC Cellular is closed until further notice.

Please note that it will be temporary, and the shop will reopen as soon as feasible, but right now my present status makes it not possible to operate.

In a nutshell, my elderly mother was home alone last Friday and fell, breaking her hand and it has affected her overall health substantially. She was hospitalized from Friday until this evening when things became extremely complicated.

The hospital recommended 20 days of physical therapy at a nursing facility. Unfortunately she turned up positive for Covid-19, delaying her discharge. She was discharged this evening to a nearby nursing facility despite her positive status.

There were very limited facilities that offered what she requires, and I selected from the list the one with the highest online ratings, as that was all I had to go on. Do not trust these ratings; you must tour these places and see them firsthand.

I will not name the facility, but she was brought in around 10 PM; she arrived a few minutes ahead of my arrival. As I write this explanation, I am struggling a little mentally after what I found in this place, it was stuff of nightmares. Very frightening conditions, unsanitary, trash bags in the hallways, oh God it was really really disturbing.

Making matters worse, they placed my Mother in a room with 3 other women, with an additional bed for a potential fourth person. These were all Covid positive people, it was horrible. I was masked, gloved, and gowned, but the odds are that I myself am severely compromised at this time. Very very disturbing.

While my Mother is not in the best state of mind right now, she was a longtime nurse and worked in these facilities during her long career. The first things she said to me were ”John, this is not very nice” and “there are men in the room across the hall”. So clearly even she knew this was a bad bad situation.

Let me further add that the hospital literally discharged her, had a transport company haul her to this place, and put her in this bed with the same blankets and gown she wore at the hospital. Her pillows included one, directly under her head, that had no sheet on it. Just that blue plastic. And the smell in that place? I don’t want to think about it anymore.

I immediately called the hospital and told them it was a house of horrors. They said “well sorry about that, we’ll tell the case worker and they’ll contact you tomorrow”. Can you believe this? And this is the part that really is messing with my head. The actual bed was clearly occupied by someone else very recently. Whoever they were, their family photos were still on the nightstand next to the bed, it was really scary to see. And that room was about the size of a master bedroom in a home.

So I took drastic action and am just putting my faith in the Big Fella upstairs. I took her out. She wasn’t there more than 10 minutes. The people running that place weren’t too happy with me, but I did what I hope was correct. So I brought her home. I got her upstairs to her bed, gave her the Covid medicine my Sister pushed for and got, the stuff Biden took. I did get her out of that horrible gown, into her own PJs, took care of her other personal needs including the bathroom, and she seems to be resting comfortably at the moment. But she is weak, not mentally strong right now, and needs my constant care. I cannot leave her alone until I figure out a way to get some help over here or a place for her that’s better.

I am sorry and apologize profusely over this. I know there are people needing repairs and pickups and so forth. I’ll try my best to get back to work as soon as possible, but right now it’s crazy and I just can’t do it.

I’m really really sorry.

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