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CDC Is Now An Authorized ProtectionPro Dealer!

Now available at CDC: ProtectionPro by Madico. What is ProtectionPro? It's the most state of the art screen protection system available. No more tempered glass; this system uses high tech films that are self curing and offer performance that exceeds tempered glass. The best part is that it lasts the life of the device. No more changing out screen protectors.

The amazing part of the system is that it custom cuts protectors on-site, with a database of over 8,000 devices. So you can protect more than just your phone. It will do laptops, expensive SLR cameras, all sorts of electronic devices. It is excellent for curved displays that are common with Samsung devices, with no loss of touch sensitivity. I personally think it's a must for you Apple Watch owners out there. As we know, those break very easily, and often the cost of repair is as much as a new device. ProtectionPro will greatly reduce the chances of your watch getting ruined.

The system also does what's called Infinity, which are custom wraps of your phone's body. The materials come in a wide range of colors and textures, adding tremendous fashion to your device. It also provides an additional layer of protection of back glass on iPhones, which we know are a devil to repair and quite expensive.

Combined with a decent case, ProtectionPro will keep your device in great condition for years to come. On a personal note, I have already seen how well these films work. On paper, you would think a film would be a gimmick. Well, just last evening I dropped my phone on concrete and it was a nasty splat. I did have a case, but the combination of that and ProtectionPro worked as advertised. The screen was fine, so I was impressed.

Pricing is competitive; phones run $29.95-$34.95, watches $19.95. There are additional options available, including an insurance plan for an additional cost. Overall the system is very impressive and provides a massive solution to your needs. The bonus is that you don't have to shop around or waste time on Amazon. Right here at CDC you can get it all done right away.

So as soon as you buy that shiny new Note or i12, head on over to CDC and get a ProtectionPro screen protector. We know that repairs continue to escalate, so reducing the odds is money well spent.

For additional information, please visit ProtectionPro's website:

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